What are you paying for?

Ever since I started recording drums online I have always tried to combine the best service possible at the most affordable price. Over the years I have invested a lot of money in getting top level gear that would improve the quality and sound of my recordings. I have invested time in learning songs fast so that you will get your first take in the shortest time possible, while still delivering the best performance.

I am continually searching for better techniques to record drums and keep myself updated following blogs and getting tips from top producers and drummers. Furthermore, any question or doubt you have regarding the recording process of your song is always answered in less than 24hrs.

What do you get?

Once you receive the email with all the drum tracks you will get WAV files format, ready to be dragged and dropped in to your audio editor software (Logic, Ableton, ProTools, Cubase etc.). Usually I record using about 13/14 microphones, but depending on your needs I will be able to use more or less channels. I’m also flexible when it comes to different sample rates (44.1 kHz, 48kHz etc.), you pick and choose the one that is most convenient to you.

Gear Used

Prices start at


Prices start at £120 per song/composition/production and vary depending on a few different factors:

– Length of the song
– Difficulty of the song
– Special requirements

In case you want to record more than one song, an EP or an Album, there will be a DISCOUNT applied on each track.

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Secure, fast and guaranteed

  • You will receive a quote before your project begins and once the price is agreed via email, I will immediately start recording a first take.
  • At the end of the project, once you are 100% satisfied with the quality of the performance and drum tracks, I will send you an invoice with the agreed price.
  • After the payment is made you will receive the WAV files directly in your inbox.

Payment Methods

You can pay via PayPal or Bank Transfer.

Want More?

Get a Chart


I will be able to provide you with a drum chart for your song. You will get a PDF file ready to be used in case you want to play your song live with a drummer of your choice.

Drum Cam


I can also provide you with a videoclip of me recording your song. The video then can be used for promotion or used as you best please.

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