Frequently Asked Questions

In this page you’ll find all you need to know about Record Drums Online.                      However, if you have any further questions feel free to reach me here.

What Do I Need To Send You?

Just write me an email, tell me a bit about your project and attach a demo of your track (mp3 files are absolutely perfect). Extra points if you could let me know the exact BPM and at what sample rate you’d like me to record (44.1kHz, 48kHz, etc.).

What Are Your Prices?

Prices start at £120 per track, but then depending on difficulty, length of the song (i.e. 15min long) or special requests (i.e. using particular mics, drums, cymbals) prices may vary. 

Feel free to ask for a quote here and I’ll get back to you in less than 24hrs.

When Do I Pay?

You’ll be paying only at the very end of the recording process. Once you are 100% happy with the takes I sent you for review, you will receive an invoice from me. Once the payment is made and received, I will send you all the files in WAV format, ready for you to use on your music.

How Does It Work?

It’s very simple. Just send me a demo of your song/composition via email. After listening to your project I will send you a price estimate. Once agreed on the price, I will start recording right away and you will get the first take in less than 24hrs. After recording your first take I will send it back to you via email in mp3 format. Once you listen back to what I have recorded, send me your feedback. I will go on and record a second take following your feedback and make the adjustments needed. Until you are 100% happy I will keep making those reviews. Once you’re finally satisfied with the final result, you’ll get an invoice from me. As soon as the payment is received I will send you ALL the files and takes in WAV format, ready for you to download and use on your music.

Do You Also Program Drums?

Yes I do! I have a vast library of top quality drum loops and drum samples ready to be programmed to shape your song in the best way possible.

How Long To Finish A Project?

Just for one song, usually it takes no more than a couple of days.

What If I Am Not Happy With What You’re Recording?

My #1 goal here is to make sure you are 100% satisfied with my recordings on your music. Therefore if that’s not the case, either because you would like to explore other options, or you think your project is not evolving in the way you envisioned it at the start, it’s absolutely fine. YOU WON’T NEED TO PAY A DIME 🙂

How does it work?

How to get your songs recorded using Record Drums Online