VLOG #4 – “The WES MEABE Series” – How To Mic Up Drums

New month, new Vlog episode up on Record Drums Online. This month is a really special one as I had the fortune of meeting up with Belgian audio engineer guru Wes Maebe. Wes has worked with a huge list of artists over the years, recording, mixing and engineering for UB40, Cat Stevens, Carly Simon, Plan B, Sting, Celine Dion, Chaka Khan, Robert Plant and many more. He has mastered over 100 albums and at the moment is the in-house engineer at RAK Studios in London. He is also part of the Grammy P&E Wing Advisory Board and has been a regular reviewer for Mix Magazine U.S., Pro Sound News and Audio Media International Magazine.

I approached Wes earlier this year and asked him if we could meet up to record one episode of the VLOG and talk about the various techniques he uses to record drums. His reply was quite surprising. In fact, he told me that when talking about recording drums the subject is so broad that one episode wouldn’t be enough. So… “how about we record more than episode??” he said. I was definitely up for that and this is why this Month’s VLOG is going to be special and different from the others. This is not just a regular one off episode. We are recording an actual series with Wes and calling it “The WES MAEBE Series”. He will explain in details some of the most useful techniques he uses to record and mix drums over 3 main topics:




This first episode will be all about how to place microphones on the drums and the various techniques and possibilities when recording an acoustic kit. Due to its length and the amount of useful information that Wes was providing I had to divide the episode in 2 parts:

-How To Mic Up Drums

-How To Mic Up Cymbals



-KICK: AKG D12, Subkick Yamaha NS-10, Shure Beta 91 (Audix, Electro-Voice RE20, Shure Beta 52, AKG D112)

-SNARE: Shure SM57, Advanced Audio CM1084 (Sennheiser 441)

-TOMS: Sennheiser MD421 (Akg414, Neumann U47 FET)

-HIHAT: SE Electronics RN17 (AKG 451, Beyerdynamic M160,

-OVERHEADS: Coles 4038, Brauner VM1


If you want to hire and work with Wes, please be sure to check out his website: http://www.wesonator.com

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