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Hi and welcome to the future!

Ok now that I have your attention I wanted to let you all be part of this exciting news.

Since day one I have always tried to make sure RecordDrumsOnline delivers the fastest service possible to all clients. So far I have managed to get a first take back to all my clients within 24hrs and most of the people I worked with really appreciate this compared to other services available out there.

However, the more I live and the more I realise that out of all the things that had to stop during these past 2 crazy years, there is always one thing that never stops, actually increases its pace at an incredible speed. What I am talking about here is TECHNOLOGY. Yes, no matter how much you’d want to slow it down, it never ever stops. And what I found crazy is that this pandemic actually made it increase its speed even more.

Smart working is now normality and even many musicians embraced the fact of having to record their music remotely. This has developed new technologies that now enable us to record remotely like never before. In this video you’ll see below I explain how instead of having to wait 24hrs to get your first take, you can get drums for your entire project directly in your DAW in less than 2 HOURS! Yes, this time you can actually be with me in my studio and hear exactly what comes through the microphones as if you were in the control room. You can give me feedback right while I’m recording and you can even control the session, so that you can get the files you want right then once the session is finished.

If you would like to try this new feature just send me an email at recorddrumsonline@gmail.com and we’ll get started to deliver high quality drums on your music.







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