My Favourite Drum Books

There isn’t a perfect way to learn how to play an instrument, but books can definitely facilitate and make things more fun. Here’s a short list of my favourite drum books that I studied and still enjoy studying today.

The Art of Bop – by John Riley

This is the ultimate jazz book for drummers. The amount of useful information shared by John Riley is absolutely incredible. If you’re interested in knowing about phrasing, independence, comping, soloing and chart reading in jazz, this is the book for you!! There are also a ton of infos about the history of bebop and the drummers that made this style so famous.

My Favourite Part Of The Book: Page 71 – Here you’ll find a “Recommended Listening” section with some of the best bebop albums. Go play along to them and you’ll have lots of fun.

The Language Of Drumming – by Benny Greb

If you’re looking to get your coordination in place and want to practice it in a fun way, you might want to get this book. Benny Greb divides his book in 4 parts: Letters, Words, Syntax and Talking. From the first to the last chapter, Benny shares concepts that will free up your playing and are accessible to beginners and get harder along the way.

My Favourite Part Of The Book: Page 47 – Chapter 4 Talking. Here you’ll find some cool way to hear the metronome instead of having always the “Chid” on every crotchet.

Master Studies – by Joe Morello

If pianists have to practice scales, drummers have to practice….??? This book! If you are looking for tongue-twisters for your hands, this book provides so many cool exercises that a life time won’t be enough to practice them all. Playing all the different combinations of rudiments and accents is already a hard task…then making them all sound musical is harder on a whole new level.

My Favourite Part Of The Book: Page 15 – My favourite exercise is ex. 27 (Try it, it’s great fun!)

Future Sounds – by David Garibaldi

The first time I’ve tried playing this book I gave up after only 30 seconds. The second time I tried after 1 minute I thought this book was just for drum freaks! Now, after going over and over every year, this has become one of my favourite books and I’m still studying it. If you’re a fan of linear drumming, permutations and want to find alternatives on how to free up your limbs and not play always the same patterns, check out this book.

My Favourite Part Of The Book: Page 22 to 39 – The whole Permutation part is hard as hell, but after half hour of practice your hands will start feeling all of a sudden you can play anything on drums.

Honorable Mentions:

Modern Rudimental Swing Solos – by Charlie Wilcoxon

Portrait In Rhythm – by Anthony Cirone

Syncopation – by Ted Reed

Stick Control – by George Lawrence Stone

There are any drum books that changed your drumming and helped you in any way become a better drummer? I’d love to know, please share on the comment section below.

‘till next time!

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