Hello Everyone,

As we approach the end of another month, I’ve got one more sample pack available for you. This one is all about that classic 70’s rock vibes.
I recorded it using only 4 microphones (Kick, Snare and 2 Overheads) and applying the infamous Glyn Johns (Led Zeppelin producer) technique. I was always convinced that the more microphones = best sound, but actually it’s absolutely mind-blowing what a HUGE sound you can get by using only the “essentials”.

This pack includes 36 rock drum loops with some classic rock drum fills that will definitely help you produce and write new music. As always, the price never changes, £2.

This is the link where you can purchase it: https://recorddrumsonline.com/product/loopofrock/

I look forward to hear what you will come up with it.

Thanks a lot for your support and see you next month for the release of another pack,



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