Yes it’s true, the internet has become a boring and noisy place where everyone needs to have a say about anything that happens in the world. It can be politics, religion, cars, spaceships or….drum recording…wait, whaaat???

I spent more than half of my life playing an instrument called “drums” and when people ask me what do I do for a living I say that I’m a drummer. I studied with many teachers, went to music college, recorded albums, played concerts, festivals and all that good stuff that comes in between.

In the past few years I got really interested in the recording process of my instrument. I started experimenting in my studio with different techniques, asked for advice to my sound engineer/producer friends and finally realised that I really wanted to know more about the subject and be good at it.


That is the reason why I decided to start a b/vlog that will be journaling my adventure inside the recording world. I will be interviewing and hanging with Session Drummers, Producers and Sound Engineers that do this job on a daily basis and practically see how they work in the studio. I will be documenting this once a month with different guests and ask them all about their tricks on how to get SUPER sounding drums. All this good stuff will be shared on the RecordDrumsOnline Youtube channel, which you can start following now by hitting the SUBSCRIBE button.

I will also be sharing how I record drums for my clients over the Internet. What techniques I use and all the behind the scenes on how I work as a session drummer.

You are more than welcome to be part of this journey and contribute with your thoughts and ideas. In fact I would love to hear from you.

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