There is this fake myth that all successful people have made it by knowing exactly what they wanted to do from the start. They learned how to work at it, put a lot of effort and achieved their goals. That’s a fascinating way to look at it, even though most of us (normal beings) aren’t born with a life vocation in mind from an early age. Sometimes, we would love to begin something new. Something that will give us a sense of purpose and fulfilment when we wake up in the morning. However, when we look up to all the people that made it before us or even our possible competition, we never feel ready to start.

It’s normal to have self doubt at the beginning:

-“Who am I compared to this pros? I’m just an amateur”.

-“I better keep this as a hobby..I will never get to their level”

-“No one cares about what I do anyway”

-“I don’t have all the gear..therefore I won’t be able to compete at their level”

I find those to be actual EXCUSES more than anything else. I discovered that there are a few techniques to overcome this fear for not starting something new. First off, by not comparing myself to anyone else is key to relieve all doubts I have about me. When I start playing the comparison game I lose track of what I’m really passionate about. I start judging everyone and I’m not focus on how and where I can improve. Secondly, I keep reminding myself that I have to stay forever a student. I am learning new things every single day. And learning NEVER ends. About this I really like a quote by Tower Of Power drummer Dave Garibaldi “Never think you’re a master at anything. Drumming? That is a process. A lifetime long process”. Finally, probably the most important technique of all. Fail. Yes, do it quick and do it often. The more you fail and find ways to come back up the easier it will be to stay up for longer.

Don’t worry about knowing all the answers before you begin. Don’t worry about not having enough gear. Don’t worry about any of these excuses. JUST START. Once you do, you will find the answers, the gear, the experience. If you don’t you never will.   

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