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Almost half way there – DOUBLE DRUMMER Loop Pack OUT NOW!!

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a while and I hope you are all doing fantastic! In the past few months I have been busy creating new loop/sample packs every month and I uploaded them all in the Store page of the website. So far I have created 4 sample packs:

-KSH (grooves using only kick, snare, hats)

-LET’S JAM (10 drum songs for you to jam with)

-TOMS (50 drum loops of just tom grooves and ones shots)

-DISTORTED DRUMS (40 drum loops with the craziest distortion)

Today I am finally releasing sample pack number 5 which is called DOUBLE DRUMMER.

This one is a sample pack that contains 75 drum loops. It includes 25 grooves played as double drummer and each individual groove played by each drummer. I took some inspiration after listening some of the best double drumming out there, such as:

-James Brown –> Jabo Starks + Clyde Stubblefield

-The Funk Brothers

-Jim Gordon & Jim Keltner

-The Allman Brothers


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