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My name is Chris

I’m an online session drummer (also known as remote session drummer) based in London, UK.

I have played and recorded for many artists, bands, producers, movies and commercials over the years and I’ve decided to use my knowledge of the instrument to start recording drums over the Internet.

Thanks to the Web there is no more need to spend your lifetime savings to hire a Recording Studio.

No matter where you are in the world, by sending me a demo of your song via email, I will be able to record drums from my studio and send you back great quality live drum tracks ready to use on your song. All this, in less than 24hrs.

More About Me

Why Choose Record Drums Online?

The 3 main reasons why you should record your music online


You will receive all the LIVE drum tracks you need for you song via email, without having to leave your home. No need to waste time having to coordinate musicians around anymore.


Even with a small budget you will still be able to make your music sound 100% professional. No need to spend all your money in hiring expensive recording studios.


Having a drummer that plays your music live gives a REAL feel to your songs. Even the most technologically programmed drum loop can’t replace that authenticity.

How does it work?

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What people say


Superb work yet again from a master drummer!!!! Cristiano went all out on this track for me and some!!! It's always a pleasure to work with someone who is patient and understands what you are looking for 🙂 I appreciate all the extra work you put in Cristiano thank you Sir!!!

JAZZY D.Perth, Australia

It was a great job that Cristiano did for the song. 
He’s very accurate and answer very quickly. 
I hope to work with him again.

CHOI J.Seoul, South Korea

Very professional and fast. He was much attentive to the direction I gave him. Great sound so I definitely recommend Cristiano!

ANTONIOUnited States

Working with Cristiano was incredibly easy. I sent him my track and he sent back a completed drum track on the exact day that he said he would. I asked for 1 revision and that was done immediately and is exactly what I wanted. I would highly recommend working with Cristiano. He is a true professional and a drummer with chops & good taste.

SCOTT K.Delray, FL, United States

Cristiano is very highly attentive and creative, he delivers a beautiful sounding drum kit!!!

LELE F.Stockholm, Sweden

Cristiano responded quickly and gave me a great live drum track. I will use him again for sure.

MORGAN D.CA, United States

Has a great ear/feel for the music. Loved what he did for me on my past tracks and excited to work with him in the future.

MICHAEL H.Thousand Oaks, CA, United States

Cristiano is an excellent drummer. Wonderful to work with, extremely quick to respond. Everything was professional. Highly recommended.

SCOTT T.Stockholm, Sweden

After working with Cristiano for one track I decided to work with him for a full EP. He has a great sense of rhythm even in odd time signatures which makes the songs breath and flow nicely. I especially loved his hi-hat skills. In terms of communication Cristiano is very responsive and understanding. He's my number one choice from now on!

JIM B.Utrecht, Holland

I choose Cristiano because of the demo HH Factor ; ) 
He"s a smooth, funky drummer! We are still working on the project,but so far I have only good things to say : ) 
Easy to get in touch with,very nice & delivers on time.

IRENE B.Larvik, Norway

It was cool working with Cristiano. He is very reactive and his music is great. I had received 4 perfect recorded drum tracks. He hoisted up my work to the best. I hope I will have the chance to work with him again and I would recommend Cristiano to anybody looking for great drums.

MARCO D.Geneva, Switzerland

Cristiano is a producer's dream. He works quickly and expertly and is willing to go the extra mile to make sure he delivers exactly what you need.

RICHIE S.Cape Town, South Africa

Working with Cristiano was a pleasure. He is a skilled drummer, good with tempo and overall arrangement. Totally satisfied with his deliverables. He was too easy to communicate with and worked on my inputs seriously. I would consider him for my future assignments as well. Totally recommended.

P. MONDALNew Delhi, India

Cristiano played the drums on my recently released debut single "Summer Leaves" - he did an amazing job, adjusted well to any comments that the producer had, and the end result was a drum track that really compliments and elevates the song! Would definitely love to work with Cristiano again in the future. Recommended!

JOONAS T.London, United Kingdom

Phenomenal!!! Awesome sense of timing, and great instincts. By far one of the best drummers I've ever had the pleasure of working with. I look forward to him being my 'go to guy'!

HERON D.New York, NY, United States

I came across Chris' website by chance, and I've been more than happy when I got in touch with him.
Not only he's been the quickest answering to my messages but also to deliver the first take. Only 2 was needed, even though in fact I could have kept the first one.
Everything was finely mastered: The sound, the way he played etc...
I deeply recommend, which, from now on, becomes my "go to" drums wise.
Thanks again Chris


I've tried a few online drum recording services before and Record Drums Online is easily the best one yet!!
Not only is Chris a great drummer with quality skills and feel, but also has the tech knowledge to really understand what a producer / mix engineer wants and is very patient and easy to communicate with..
It's a total game changer for producers that need to efficiently have the real drum sound without the hassle of setting up the session themselves or hiring out a studio etc.
I will definitely be using his services again! 🙂


I’ve known Chris for a long time and have always been impressed with his level of skill.
He heard the track and just got what was needed and produced exactly what I was looking for in such a quick time. Highly recommended!!


Cris is an incredible drummer with a phenomenal work ethic. Not only that but he's a genuinely lovely guy. I look forward to continued collaboration.


Wow! What an impressive service. Cris recorded drums for my latest project and turned them around in lightning fast time. I didn't ask what mics he used but the recording quality is really crisp and the playing is spot on! He interpreted by badly programmed midi drums and injected some much needed groove into them! Really happy. 2 days after my initial enquiry I have the stems ready to mix. Highly recommended.


Chris is extremely flexible and was completely willing to cooperate until we've reached the perfect tone. Highly, highly recommended.


We had a really great experience working with Chris. He was very responsive and delivered exactly what we needed incredibly quickly. Which was a lifesaver given the tight deadline we were working to! Will absolutely be using again.


This guy is amazing. Chris delivered great drums in an insane turnaround, 24 HOURS!!!! Haven't seen anything like this! Highly recommended! Will work with him again!!!


An absolute pleasure to work with! Delivered exactly what I needed in the first take, extremely quickly. Will definitely use again!


I have been working with Record Drums Online for 2 years now and it has been a very pleasant experience! My suggestions are always taken into account and the final product is always as I have envisioned it. Chris is very easy-going and easy to work with. In addition, Chris is a versatile drummer: I have given him tasks ranging from weird times-signatures to battering rock patterns, and the results were always fantastic!


Chris is a friendly professional drummer. I would reccomend his services!


So impressed with Chris' work, he absolutely nailed a 170bpm beat, in no time I had a first take. He took my notes realised them perfectly and gave me a second take in just a few hours... I will certainly be using Chris again, this experience has shifted my view of what's possible. Thank you!


I've worked with Chris on 4 tracks already. Quality work, both playing and recording wise, delivered with professional attitude from start to finish. Definitely recommend!


Chris was easy to work with, and did revisions (new takes) until I was happy with the product. Highly recommended especially for more relaxed music styles. Keep up the good work!


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